[skolli k. rubedo - illustrator & designer (and other things)]



portrait of someone who should really know better skolli is an anthropomorphic bassarisk who lives in a self-made paper hut on the moon and hunts the wild cheese for sustenance. she occasionally teleports to earth to give TED talks to an empty auditorium about the virtues of being entirely, utterly alone. sometimes she draws things, and a selection of those things are to the immediate left of this paragraph that consists of 90% falsehoods. skolli loves you, but probably not as much as she loves strawberries.


okay but really, i'm a freelance illustrator living in PGH with 15+ years of experience. i can navigate photoshop with my eyes closed and have buckets of traditional media experience on top of it, with countless private commissions and one-off contract pieces under my belt. i also make/mix/produce music, though currently not for contract (sorry).

i really do love strawberries, though.


if you are interested in hiring me for a personal project, contract work, etc., and we can work something out!