[lilac meringue: the art of eve morisot]

Selected Works

About the Artist

Hi! If you didn't guess sooner, my name's Eve and I draw a lot.

I've been doing visual art both as a hobby and professionally for nearly two decades, with loads of traditional media experience, and digital experience with Photoshop, Painter, and many other lesser-known apps. A lot of what I do is somewhere between "reasonably" and "excruciatingly" NSFW, so the selection here is but a small fraction of my output (sorry, everyone).

I also make music; there are links to that body of work further down the page. As I get bored sticking to one genre, it's often pretty varied (sometimes spanning several genres in the same album, or even the same piece of music).

I love hot sauce and strawberries, sometimes simultaneously. Also if anyone can air-mail me a pint of Snoqualmie French lavender ice cream I'll love you forever~

~Eve Morisot


If you are interested in hiring me for a personal project, contract work, etc., and we can work something out!